AST 2447 – Three years passed, three years of changes

Chapter 2447 – Three years passed, three years of changes

Tantai Lingyan left and melancholy crept up over Qing Shui. There was happiness mixed in his worry. He didn’t expect things to change in this manner, for their relationship to progress so quickly in such a short time. They grew a lot closer, and while they still weren’t husband and wife, they were different from before.

Humans were just this strange, especially Tantai Lingyan. The step they had taken before wasn’t just a leap but an acceptance. It was good enough that she could remember Qing Shui as a person. She trusted Qing Shui. In that step, there was guilt, a sense of compensation and a feeling that couldn’t be described.

The Divine Palace was gone, and the Demon Gate was about to leave. Qing Shui didn’t know how much longer he would stay there.

Qing Shui sensed his own strength. The dual cultivation they had just gone through increased his might significantly, it left...

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