AST 2442 – Peculiar Physique, Lao Husan

Chapter 2442 – Peculiar Physique, Lao Husan

Qing Shui kissed Beihuang Fan and embraced her slim waist. With his other hand, it climbed to the divine peaks and groped gently, displaying his soul-sealing, nimble hands. The suppressed moans and panting voices circled around Qing Shui’s ears, provoking his sense of hearing and touch.

Soon, Beihuang Fan climbed on top. The enchanting swaying felt as good as the swaying of waves. Qing Shui stretched out his arms and embraced Shen Huang, letting her lay on his body. In that position, her peaks looked even more magnificent.

The tender buds exuded a fatal temptation. Greedily, he tasted it, filling his mouth with the fragrance of a woman’s natural scent…

The melodious sound continued well after midnight as the two women collapsed in Qing Shui’s embr...

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