AST 2441 – The Fat Culinary God, Beautiful Women Are Like Wine

Chapter 2441 – The Fat Culinary God, Beautiful Women Are Like Wine

Miraculous Physician Hua was beaten up by the crowd. Even though he didn’t suffer serious injuries, his face was swollen with a bloody tomato. He had even been spat on the face before leaving dejectedly.

Imperial Cuisine Hall was bustling after the incident, and now everyone recognized Qing Shui’s medical skills. Many people came forward to seek treatment, but most of them were being invited by others through word of mouth. It was free after all.

Not only that, but Imperial Cuisine Hall was also giving out free Jade Steamed Buns on the other side, one per customer. The effect was actually even better than the medical hall.

“Isn’t one too few? Why can’t I buy it? How much for one?” Someone wasn’t giving up. Who could bear it if they could only have one of such delicious food?

“That’s right, Boss. How much for it? Not for free, let us buy it.”

“This is the best bun I’ve ever had. It’s even better than dragon liver or phoenix marrow.”

This wasn’t an exaggeration. In his past life, this was used as a description for something delicious. Why was dragon liver or phoenix marrow delicious? It was because no one had tasted it and it was too rare. And since no one had tasted it, it was something people yearned for.

In this life though, there wasn’t a lack of people who had tried dragon livers and phoenix marrows. Of course, they were just regular demonic beasts which looked like the dinosaurs of his past life. Qing Shui had it before too and didn’t find it special. It really wasn’t as tasty as the Mountain Boar Spirit he reared in Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal.

“Everyone, please quiet down. This is our first day of opening, and we can’t make too many of these things too. We seek your understanding, so stop creating a commotion! Anyone who continues to do so will give up the right to purchase in the future.” Tang Xi announced.

They hadn’t found any helpers, so Tang Xi and Nuo Lan were the only ones in charge of this place.

Her words were effective, but there were still some who were not satisfied. An exceptionally tall and huge man stepped forward at this time. He looked friendly, with a fair and clear skin. His bald head attracted attention everywhere he went.

“This stuff really is not bad, but are you just putting on an act?” said the big fatty while scratching his head.

“Ah, you’re here too, Culinary God!”

It was as though no one had noticed this fatty. Perhaps it was because the Jade Steamed Bun was simply too delicious that they neglected the presence of this Culinary God in their midst. The fatty was a Culinary God and was affiliated with the Nine Continents Food Residence.

“Culinary God, so you think this bun is delicious too.”

“Culinary God, will you be able to make this bun?”


The place was chaotic and bustling with life at that moment. The fatty didn’t find it strange either. With a chuckle, he didn’t reply. Instead, his gaze swept across the place and landed on Qing Shui before making his way over.

“Boss!” The fatty greeted Qing Shui.

“You’re a Culinary God? You must be from the Nine Continents Food Residence!” Qing Shui didn’t beat around the bush.

Qing Shui was once in a dispute with the Nine Continents Food Residence, but it was just a small dispute with a branch under them. There were too many of those branches in Nine Continents Food Residence, but such issue could go both ways. If it was minor, then it wouldn’t be a big deal. If it was major, then strictly speaking, Qing Shui would be the enemy of the whole Nine Continents Food Residence.

“Hm, why? Am I unwelcomed?” The fatty scratched his head and asked.

Qing Shui laughed. This fatty was straightforward and earnest, easily liked by others. “We do welcome you, but regardless of whether you’re a Culinary God, you’re in my territory, so you’ll have to abide by my rules.”

“I didn’t cause any trouble though!” the fatty replied, dropping his hands.

“What are you doing here?” Qing Shui asked.

“I heard of an Imperial Cuisine Hall that has just opened and wanted to see if you live up to the title of Imperial Cuisine,” the fatty answered.

“You didn’t initiate the visit, right?” Qing Shui laughed. The fatty didn’t know how to do this right. Someone must have sent him, and it went without saying that Nine Continents Food Residence here was behind it.

Since people from the Nine Continents Medical Sect were here, it wouldn’t be surprising for the Nine Continents Food Residence to be here either.

It would be a different situation if the Nine Continents Mighty Spear Sect interfered, but Qing Shui refused to let Ling Chen do so. How would Qing Shui promote himself if Ling Chen interfered? It would be quicker and more viral to do it this way.

“I wanted to compete in culinary skills with you at first, but now I know I’m not your match and no longer wish to do so. Just… Can you give me two buns…”

Qing Shui was struck dumb before breaking out into a smile. “Sure! We’ll have them for you when you visit in the future too.”

The fatty mirrored Qing Shui’s smile. “You’re a good man!”

That was settled easily. Miraculous Physician Hua’s incident wasn’t terribly cumbersome either, so he was satisfied with how the day went.

The people he had summoned arrived in the afternoon. A few dozens of them would be in charge of Imperial Cuisine Hall’s food department and another would be for treating people. However, they were lacking an overall in-charge person. It was a pity that Yuan Su was still at the Qing Clan. Anyway, Qing Clan’s Imperial Cuisine Hall had a few hundreds of people; all of whom were under the supervision of Yuan Su.

But here, they needed someone to be the in-charge person or someone to affiliate themselves with the Imperial Cuisine Hall. It was for the case when someone challenged them. By then, the in-charge person or affiliate would step in when they didn’t manage to counter it on their own.

The affiliate was there, but they would only lend their assistance when there were any issues which couldn’t be resolved.

The fatty was affiliated with the Nine Continents Food Residence. Thus, His culinary skills must have been exquisite to be named a Culinary God, but he was earnest. It was precisely because of that that Nine Continents Food Residence had sent him to challenge a newly opened Imperial Cuisine Hall. For a Culinary God, it was a belittlement and humiliation, but the fatty was an easy person to talk to. In addition, with Nine Continents Food Residence’s position, they would have many affiliated Culinary God, and so this wasn’t strange either.

Qing Shui naturally assumed the role of the person-in-charge at this Imperial Cuisine Hall, but he knew that he must find or train someone to take his place.

Since he’d be here for some time, training someone wouldn’t be a problem. The problem lied in the fact that it wouldn’t be easy to find someone to train. He was on unfamiliar territory, and after much thinking, he decided to just leave it up to luck.

After busying himself for a whole day, he returned to the room with the two women in tow. Qing Shui held one in each arm and sat by the bedside. The women’s faces were tinted red.

After Qing Shui had enjoyed the ‘adventure’ of having several partners, everything became natural. Now, he slept with the two women every night.

Their voluptuous bodies were as smooth as jade, and their tight skin had a snow-white glow. There wasn’t an ounce of flab on their bodies. Their butts were perky and round, with equally ample chests and those bright flower buds which swayed like poppies against a light breeze.

Qing Shui’s lips were dry as his blood shot to the roof. He realized he was just as excited every single time. There was a saying in his past life that behind every beautiful woman was a man whom she had been with until she was sick.

However, Qing Shui didn’t think that those kinds of beautiful women had been gorgeous enough. They hadn’t been alluring enough or had had the superior mannerisms like his women. It was said that like wine, beautiful women became even more so with time. By then, even if they were filled with white hair and wrinkles, you’d still think they were beautiful.

The two women by his side were still a little reserved but were much better than their first time. Women were curious. Besides, there were similarities between people. Just like how men in the past watched pornography, women would do the same and liked to watch too. This was just a normal desire of a person, especially with human’s shallowness.

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