AST 2440 – Beating The Shameless Miraculous Physician Hua

Chapter 2440 – Beating The Shameless Miraculous Physician Hua

Qing Shui was the most experienced at attacking weaknesses, and this strike had completely crippled the man’s arm. While it was possible to heal the arm, it would still be a difficult task to heal it completely. After all, the valuable herbs and pill medicines refined by an alchemist was stronger in Nine Continents; they even had medicine which could revive the dead.

Even so, this wasn’t something that could be enjoyed by just anyone. Typically, only exceptionally strong organizations would have such medicine, but they were still very scarce. Hence, they wouldn’t usually use them. Someone like this man wouldn’t have the rights to use them.


Thereafter, Qing Shui cast the man aside with a palm.

The man wasn’t Qing Shui’s match, but he was still stronger than Hao Tian....

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