AST 2439 – Grudge of the Nine Continents Medical Sect

Chapter 2439 – Grudge of the Nine Continents Medical Sect

“Haha, I heard that an Imperial Cuisine Hall opened up. What big words. You’re even running a medical hall. I would love to see what qualifications you have to do this.”

A clear and lively voice was brought to their ears. It was a man. People couldn’t guess his age, but he had a mild air around him. The people around all greeted him when they saw him. “Good day, Miraculous Physician Hua!”

Miraculous Physician? Qing Shui watched the man and knew that he was from the Nine Continents Medical Sect. The only grudge he had with this organization was with Miraculous Physician Pang, and he didn’t kill the fatty back then. However, the next the time he saw the Fatty, he would make the latter regret. Of course, he wouldn’t kill him, but crippling him will be fun.

Miraculous Physician...

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