AST 2426 - Breaking Formation, Scary Guardian Demonic Lion

Chapter 2426 - Breaking Formation, Scary Guardian Demonic Lion

“What are you thinking about?” Beihuang held and shook Qing Shui’s hand.

Qing Shui came back to alertness only to realize that he had been puzzled for a moment. He shook his head, “Let’s go to that side, let me see what formation it is outside this Daoist temple.”

He could be certain that it was a formation outside of the Daoist temple.

It was a deserted land around the Daoist temple. There were some bushes despite being deserted. There were also a few scattered huge trees here which were like huge sunshades. There were several tens of thousands of people here, even after an unknown number of people had left the place. Previously, as the Daoist temple was discovered, almost everyone was attracted.

Yet, after several months, there were only very few people left here. Still, there...

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