AST 2418 - Battling Against the Middle Three Regions' Dominator

Chapter 2418 - Battling Against the Middle Three Regions' Dominator

Since Qing Shui dared to kill the Peach Blossom City's City Lord back then, he was naturally unafraid of what there would be in store for him now. Back then, he had killed that person after he had said that his father was the Forsaken Heaven Region's dominator. It seemed that it was really the case. Even if his father wasn't the Forsaken Heaven Region's dominator, he wouldn't be a far cry from it.

The Divine Rain Sect was the Lower Three Regions' dominator, a concealed existence there. Concealed forces tended to not show their faces in public.

However, the dominator over the Middle Three Regions seemed a little different. Of course, that was only the case if this City Lord was the Middle Three Regions' dominator.

Qing Shui looked at the man who wasn't that far away from him. The man seemed to have a middle-aged appearance, seemingly poised and...

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