AST 2410 - The Old Woman Was Beaten Up, Wu Clan's Dalang

Chapter 2410 - The Old Woman Was Beaten Up, Wu Clan's Dalang 

Tantai Lingyan left. This time around, Qing Shui didn't stop her as some things needed time and couldn’t be forced. He was prepared. Even if he had to pursue her all over again, he would still get her heart back.

Qing Shui returned to the manor he had just bought. It was still early when he went out, but now it was almost dark.

It seemed that the old woman hadn't returned yet. It was understandable as there tended to be more people patronizing the stalls at night, and the night market was even more lively. The crowd would continue on from the afternoon all the way to 3 or 4 a.m.

At this time, Qing Shui saw the little boy was about to go out and look for his grandmother. He smiled and nodded. "Come, I'll take you there!"

"Master, I'll be fine by myself," said the little boy quickly.

"I'll go with you to get your grandmother to come back. In the future, there's no...

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