Chapter 241 - Southern Guest Inn

Chapter 241 Southern Guest Inn.

Chapter 241 Southern Guest Inn

Within a flash, the “dream” disappeared, and Qing Shui and Qinghan Ye came back to reality. Qing Shui managed to catch a glimpse of the disappearing view of Canghai Mingyue and Huoyun Liu-Li.

One day and night in the “dream” was actually just a few breaths’ time. Qing Shui was holding onto Qinghan Ye’s hand tightly. That nameless Duo Cultivation Technique was still circulating between themselves and it felt very comfortable. Qinghan Ye’s head was almost buried into that soft peaks of hers.

Recovering his gaze, Qing Shui saw that Qinghan Ye was extremely embarrassed. He recalled the live pornographic scene he had watched together with her, and it was especially thrilling…

Moreover, she had been so proactive, and that wonderful scene was directly imprinted in her mind. It was a feeling that she would never forget.

Qing Shui had never expected this lady in the “dream” had taken off his clothes for him and had also taken off all her own clothes as well. Recalling her innate seductive charms, Qing Shui’s heart thumped. Everything that appeared earlier was no different from experiencing it in real life. It was the blending of the souls, and would not lose out to having sex in real life. It was an exchange of the mind and soul. It was one of the topmost quality, and an experience that...

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