AST 2406 - Cool and Beautiful, the Beauty Remains

Chapter 2406 - Cool and Beautiful, the Beauty Remains

Qing Shui stood in the air and gazed at the Demon Gate. He had stood there for a long time but no one had noticed him. Therefore, he spoke up. There wasn't a need for him to shout to get the people below to hear him.

"Demon Gate's Sect Leader, get out here. Come on out..."

Qing Shui's voice echoed in every corner of the Demon Gate. In response to his shout, the people below descended into a state of chaos. An enemy had appeared. Many of them saw Qing Shui standing in the sky.

"Lad, you're courting death by shouting recklessly here!" One of them charged out toward Qing Shui.


Qing Shui kicked him down and bellowed, "Scram!"

"Who are you? Why are you kicking up a fuss here? Our Sect Leader isn't someone you can meet just because you wish to," Another person merely shouted, not heading up after seeing that the person who...

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