AST 2403 - Divine Eye Stone, Divine Battle Puppet's Left Eye

Chapter 2403 - Divine Eye Stone, Divine Battle Puppet's Left Eye

When Qing Shui received this warm stone, he was stunned. He immediately knew what it was for.

Divine Eye Stone.

Effect: Can be used to patch up some mysterious things.

It was just that simple. Qing Shui thought of his own Divine Battle Puppet immediately. The Divine Battle Puppet was damaged. Although it could be used, it couldn't unleash all of its powers. Whether it could even unleash 10% of its actual prowess was something that even he wasn't sure of.

In the past, Qing Shui had considered how he could fix this Divine Battle Puppet, but he wasn't able to think of a way. There were Trap Masters in the Nine Continents but he hadn't come into contact with one that had extraordinary skills. He had thought that he would be forced to go and try his luck to look for a Trap Master in the Upper Three Regions in the future.

He hadn't expected...

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