AST 2401 - Old Immortal Su, Guidance

Chapter 2401 - Old Immortal Su, Guidance

Qing Shui didn't say how he did this, since there were things that didn't need to be said. He kept his ten caves and landed.

Su Xianjun undoubtedly lost. Anyone could tell that he had completely lost and there were no questions about this. However, Su Xianjun was still frozen still. Qing Shui's appearance dealt him quite a significant blow. Anyone else would dealt a much greater blow if they were in his shoes.

Su Chun's eyes gleamed. Qing Shui's appearance opened a brand new door for him. But he wasn't the only one. Luan Luan's received an even greater enlightenment. She regained her senses after very long, as if she had thought through a lot of things.

This was experience. Seeing experts exchanging blows could allow one to receive great enlightenment and it could even change one's life.

Su Xianjun smiled bitterly. It was considered good that he could smile....

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