AST 2399 – Mythical Fire Dragon, Su Xianjun’s Challenge

Chapter 2399 – Mythical Fire Dragon, Su Xianjun’s Challenge

Qing Shui didn’t lodge at the Northern Underworld Immortal Palace. Instead, he and his company settled at a manor not far away. It was bought by the Northern Underworld Immortal Palace, but was left vacant.

The group noted the cleanliness of the place. It had two yards, front and rear, and over ten tinier courtyards. Each was two levels high with fresh flowers, ponds and a pavilion.

It wasn’t considered anything luxurious, but it was decent. Qing Shui wasn’t picky with their lodging. Beihuang Fan, Shen Huang and he stayed in one of these courtyards.

Hao Tian had progressed in his relationship, sharing a courtyard with Tang Xi.

Luan Luan stayed here as well, at a courtyard near Qing Shui.

Once they tidied up...

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