AST 2398 – Luan Luan’s Issue, Su Clan’s Clan Head

Chapter 2398 – Luan Luan’s Issue, Su Clan’s Clan Head

Su Chun was still very worried. He felt as though the man in front of him could feel his thoughts as well; there was no other reason his attitude would change otherwise. Su Chun’s feelings were all over the place. He liked Luan Luan and felt he would go insane if she were to leave.

Su Chun replied cautiously to Qing Shui’s question. He knew that speaking about his background might achieve the opposite result than desired. He wasn’t any second-generation forefather to his clan either, and couldn’t play to that strength. Looking at Qing Shui, he spoke slowly. “I like Luan Luan very much. My cultivation is barely enough to be compatible and I’m not a saint, but I am not a bad person. I don’t have other...

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