AST 2397 – Zhongyuan City Lord’s Child, Su Chun

Chapter 2397 – Zhongyuan City Lord’s Child, Su Chun

Though it had been a long time since they had last seen each other, it didn’t affect their relationship. Qing Shui was naturally happy to meet her again. Although they weren’t blood-related, Qing Shui had long thought of her as his own child.

After their meal, they understood the situation. Luan Luan established a branch for the Northern Underworld Immortal Palace there, but it couldn’t be considered as invincible. While Luan Luan’s abilities were great, the same couldn’t be said for her subordinates.

Luan Luan had decent strength, and Qing Shui already noticed this without the need to probe her. At least, she had reached a level that wasn’t inferior to Shen Huang and Beihuang Fan. Moreover, she was a beast tamer and also the...

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