AST 2390 – Fox Wolf Sky Mountain, a Pack of Wolf Kings

Chapter 2390 – Fox Wolf Sky Mountain, a Pack of Wolf Kings

“I do!”

Tang Xi felt her cheeks heating up right after her words. She didn’t know why it was all she had thought about previously. There had been many suitors over the years, but none who she had taken an interest in.

Perhaps fate had finally knocked on her door. This man lent a helping hand at the most crucial moment and she found herself remembering him. It was an indescribable feeling, but it was definitely a great feeling. She knew it was important and was ready to try.

Although Hao Tian had seen an inkling of desire in Tang Xi to follow them, he was still nervous when he asked, especially since there was a hint of ambiguity behind his words. However, upon hearing her answer, along with her expression, Hao Tian was agitated. Clasping both hands together, he bent at his waist...

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