AST 2385 – Hao Tian’s Entrance, Roc Fist

Chapter 2385 – Hao Tian’s Entrance, Roc Fist

The terrifying thing about the Demonic Dragon Bat wasn’t just its ability to kill but also its horrifying Ultrasound. It would have been unimaginably scary if they came in a flock. Ultrasound from the Demonic Dragon Bat was without form, and most importantly, it could attack through any obstruction.

At the sight of the Demonic Dragon Bat, Qing Shui knew that Heavenly Dance Battle God, Tang Xi, would lose.

Their disparity in power wasn’t huge at all, however, a strong presence like the Demonic Dragon Bat had an enormous power of transmitting Ultrasound. This would disrupt their opponents and was extremely effective. More importantly, it could achieve its desired effect at the very moment it was used.

Tang Xi’s expression shifted a little at the sight of the Demonic Dragon Bat. Her arm extended as an enormous, sky-blue...

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