AST 2380 - Nalan Qing's Belonging

Chapter 2380 - Nalan Qing's Belonging

Qing Shui was very satisfied now. He was pretty experienced and knew how to get a woman excited. His two hands stroked her back gently. Moreover, he had the Soft-Tendon Hand Technique that was definitely a killer move. The moment he used it, no women would be able to resist it.

Of course, it was important that Nalan Qing accepted Qing Shui’s advances. Otherwise, she wouldn't have given Qing Shui the chance to perform the Soft-Tendon Hand Technique. If she couldn't accept Qing Shui, it'd be useless no matter how great Qing Shui's level of expertise was.

Qing Shui's hands caused Nalan Qing to tremble. She had never felt so comfortable before. The numbing feeling went straight to her bones, causing her to be unable to hold back her urges. She panted uncontrollably and her mouth had also loosened up.

Qing Shui naturally wouldn't miss out on...

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