AST 2378 - Taming, Returning to The Water Nation

Chapter 2378 - Taming, Returning to The Water Nation

Qing Shui shut his eyes and registered everything in the surroundings with his Spiritual Sense. His figure became elusive and the Windwhisk Willow had been unleashed to a terrifying level; everything appeared to be drifty. His movements gave off a great feeling of being on point.


Deep stifled sounds kept ringing out and Qing Shui seemed to have reached a mysterious level. He got some inspirations that he had obtained after combining the Ancient Blue Topaz Leopard's speed and figure.

Speed was very important, especially when it was a combination of one's speed and body. It wasn't that one would definitely be able to win with speed, but that the difference in strength between both sides mustn't be too great and that there were other techniques involved. For example, in this case, Qing Shui had the Basic Sword Techniques.

This was the most straightforward approach and had...

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