AST 2376 - Crushing, Chaotic Battle, Ancient Blue Topaz Leopard

Chapter 2376 - Crushing, Chaotic Battle, Ancient Blue Topaz Leopard

The Peach Blossom City's City Lord was trying to pass things off. He had no idea if there was any use bringing up his father at this moment. Earlier on, he had said that he would kill said person and crush him into ashes. He did not expect that the same would be done to him by Qing Shui. Either way, he knew that it wouldn’t be easy for him to be able to leave this place alive today.

"Brother, there are more benefits of having more friends. I didn't know any better earlier on. What must I do for you to let me off? I'll agree to any conditions that you may have." The City Lord didn't wish to die. He was in his prime, was strong, and was also a City Lord. He had great wealth, countless beautiful wives, and concubines. He didn't wish to die so soon.

"You must die today. I don't wish to become friends with trash like you." Qing Shui shook his head.

"You're the one who forced me to do this. Everyone, attack...

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