AST 2371 - Ten Caves, The Cave Realm’s Strongest

Chapter 2371 - Ten Caves, The Cave Realm’s Strongest

Since the killing had started, there was no reason to let the rest go. After killing the last of them, Priest Purewood arrived. Upon witnessing the scene, he immediately destroyed the corpses.

Not only did Qing Shui not get surprised, he even laughed at this sight, “Many thanks for the help.”

This sentence felt implicating but Priest Purewood did not seem to care at all. He looked at Qing Shui and said, “Sir Qing, your strength amazes me. You have already reached such a height at your age. Your future will truly be boundless.”

“This is your second time giving me words of blessings.” Qing Shui laughed without disagreeing, but also without acknowledgment.

“I was just praising you the last time, but this time I’m not doing that. The...

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