Chapter 237 - Creation of three-foot Bluebronze sword, Challenge.

Chapter 237 Creation of three-foot Bluebronze sword, Challenge..

Chapter 237 – Creation of three-foot Bluebronze sword, Challenge.

Qing Shui used the age of the medicinal herbs to determine their value. In principle, the older it was, the better it was!

Looking at the various sizes of the flowers, they were so pretty that they made people feel like touching them. However, they looked so fragile and seemed as though they would wither away the moment they were touched. Despite this, Qing Shui could feel an overwhelmingly brimming vitality from these flowers. Ordinary humans shouldn’t even have the strength to pluck them, not to mention to touch them.

After randomly looking around, Qing Shui exited his spatial realm and spent the night inside his new residence. He sank into a sleep all the way till dawn.

Following his usual routine, he circulated his Qi and started practicing his techniques. It was already late morning after he finished breakfast and Qing Shui decided to pay a visit to his blacksmith store.

Huyou was currently smithing in the blacksmith store. Upon seeing Qing Shui, he paused as he stated, “The signboard is already done according to your instructions. Let me bring it out for you to take a look.” Huyou smiled as he walked into one of the rooms.

What he took out was an exquisitely carved wooden...

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