AST 2368 - Terrestrial Tarantula

Chapter 2368 - Terrestrial Tarantula

Upon hearing Priest Purewood’s reply, Qing Shui did not hesitate and spoke forthrightly, “I want those two Ancient Blue Topaz Leopards.” 

Ancient Blue Topaz Leopards were Ancient Beasts so they naturally had many treasures on them. Their skin, bones and intestines were all very valuable. It would be a waste on ordinary people as they couldn’t use them.

Priest Purewood was also a medicine master. The Ancient Blue Topaz Leopard was not his goal coming in here, but he did want something from it. However, since Qing Shui had requested, he did not hesitate. He answered, “I can promise you that but I’m afraid other people may intervene later.” 

Of course, Qing Shui understood that he was referring to the Demon Gate and laughed,...

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