AST 2367 - A Heaven Healing Stone

Chapter 2367 - A Heaven Healing Stone

“Oh, what’s that?” Qing Shui saw an interesting item in one of the caverns that had already been searched.

The most important thing about this stone cave was that it had already been searched by the people from Demon Gate. A bright smile appeared on Qing Shui’s face as he laughed and told Hao Tian and the rest, “Come! Let's go in and take a look. Maybe some people’s eyesight just isn’t good.” 

Qing Shui entered it and he immediately noticed the thing which was right under the wall. Many people would actually break some walls of the caverns, but they wouldn’t waste their time breaking all the walls if they couldn’t sense any aura. There was just no chance for a treasure to appear. 

But Qing Shui’s Heavenly...

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