AST 2365 - Priest Purewood, Entering the Divine Place

Chapter 2365 - Priest Purewood, Entering the Divine Place 

Qing Shui was very confident and had no worries. Though Nalan Qing had already told him to let it go, he had other reasons. If the city lord was truly powerful then this would be a debt only payable by blood.

The people around were also shocked, seeing this new youngster in Chaos City easily suppressing the Five Chaos Dragons. He even killed one of them and forced the rest to beg for mercy.

“It’s just an act of desperation. Losing face from bowing down could be paid back. If they didn’t, they wouldn’t even survive,” Someone who seemed to understand the few of them well said. 

“But didn’t that young man just say that he would kill them the next...

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