AST 2364 - Five Chaos Dragons, Smiting Evil

Chapter 2364 - Five Chaos Dragons, Smiting Evil

Qing Shui remained quiet, so those people didn’t bother about him, not even finding it strange that he didn’t react. These people would be absolute tyrants in the Demon King Domain. They didn’t give a damn about any local powers.

“These few ladies are so beautiful. We are the Five Chaos Dragons. May we have the honor of inviting you to a drink?” The five of them walked toward Qing Shui.

Many people were paying attention to this development. The muscular man was Beitai Shipan. Another was Liang Long while the elegant, charming man was Bai Runxue, a man with a very feminine-sounding name. One of the two older men was called Zhao Wu and the oldest, ugliest...

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