AST 2361 - The State of Fire’s Demon Gate, Chaos City

Chapter 2361 - The State of Fire’s Demon Gate, Chaos City

Upon seeing Qing Shui, the two girls were happy. After all, they had just gotten married. Though they hadn’t been separated for long, breaking the last barrier meant that they naturally got more clingy to each other.

Nalan Qing was stunned when she saw Qing Shui hug the two girls. Beautiful women were always confident, and Nalan Qing was confident in her appearance. However, after seeing the two girls, she could neither see herself as superior or inferior.

Comparing the three was simply a matter of personal preference. However, Nalan Qing was not happy with her status as a widow. She felt weird after realizing that both of them were Qing Shui’s wives. She knew that Qing Shui had wives, but didn’t expect them to be such beauties.

The two ladies...

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