AST 2359 - The Powerful Divine Battle Puppet. Killed

Chapter 2359 - The Powerful Divine Battle Puppet. Killed

The Ghost King did not even consider that this Divine Battle Puppet would pose as a threat. If it was powerful, it would have already been used previously. There was nothing on the surface of this big stone that suggested that it possessed any meaningful power.

The Ghost King used his powerful bone weapon and hurled it at the puppet. A trail of grey smoke was left behind the flying bone, its speed already exceeding the shadow. 

This battle area was bigger than many others. Even the almighty Ghost King would be unable to carve a black hole in the ground, and the stars and moon were unable to be seen.  

Berserk Dragon Fist!

The Divine Battle Puppet was directly controlled by Qing Shui. It launched the Berserk Dragon Fist to combat the bone weapon.


A deafening sound shook the skies....

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