AST 2357 - The Water Emperor VS. The Ghost King

Chapter 2357 - The Water Emperor VS. The Ghost King

After all was said and done, strength spoke the loudest.

Qing Shui and Nalan Qing stood in the middle, occasionally feeling the movements of the crowd around them. Very quickly, a barely visible layer of light appeared, shrouding the entire area. At this moment, this area had already become an independent space. The sound here will not be transmitted out and the energy here will not spread outside. 

“Nalan Jian, you are still as strong as ever. However, you are wrong to think that you only need to use strength to suppress us. We also have some strong individuals here that are the same level as you,” Bei Yuan Cao said, his smile full of deceit. It also seemed cunning, just like a fox.

“Who is the one responsible for the poisoning?” The Water Emperor was the nation’s emperor. Though he was temperamental at...

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