AST 2356 - On The Verge

Chapter 2356 - On The Verge

Though Qing Shui’s words were mostly filled with empty threats, he was undeniably dangerous and the woman did not have a deathwish. Through gritted teeth she said, “You guessed correctly. I’m from the Beiyuan clan.” 

Qing Shui frowned, “I’m not satisfied with your answer. Don’t patronize me like a fool!”

 “Alright, I can offer you some information, but it’s not a lot,” The woman continued talking.


“I’m here today to kill you because you were a suspicious figure. I did not expect you to be this powerful. The Ghost King guessed that you were the one who got rid of the Water Emperor’s poison,” the woman said while looking at Qing Shui.

This news was very important. The opponent had already known that the Water Emperor’s poison had been...

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