AST 2349 - Widows Receive The Most Attention

Chapter 2349 - Widows Receive The Most Attention

“Everyone has their own experiences. Heaven is fair. If it gives more of this, it will give less of that,” Nalan Qing casually said. 

As they talked, they eventually reached the entrance of the hotel. 

Exquisite Water!

This was the name of the hotel. The name was not domineering, maybe even a little delicate, but business here was booming. The entrance of the hotel was packed, lined up with high-class beast carriages, many of them were ones used for battle. These beasts displayed the multi-purpose role that they played in this world.

The two of them found a private room. Nalan Qing was well-known in the Water Nation. Her widow status and her title as the Water Nation’s most beautiful person made everyone notice her when she walked...

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