AST 2348 - The Water Emperor’s daughter, Nalan Qing.

Chapter 2348 - The Water Emperor’s daughter, Nalan Qing. 

Qing Shui certainly did not expect to see her here. Though it hadn’t been long since they parted, they were practically unrelated back then, so meeting now felt like such a stretch.

In this dreamlike city, such a beautiful person had an unspeakable allure, standing there with unparalleled gracefulness. 

It was as if she felt something that made Nalan Qing look at Qing Shui’s general direction, before she opened her mouth in surprise. She was in disbelief. She never thought that she would see this man again.

Women were strange creatures. They were unable to resist the notion of fate. It was as if the words that Nalan Qing said previously had not disappeared. In fact, Nalan Qing had felt that their previous encounter...

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