AST 2345 - Fifth Young Master of Bailan City

Chapter 2345 - Fifth Young Master of Bailan City 

This Divine Weapon Stone was very big and most importantly, the quality was good. It was natural that Qing Shui wanted it too. In just a while, the price became 12 million.

“13 million!” Fifth Young Master spoke again this time.

Nobody said a word this time. While the Divine Weapon Stone was nice, the failure rate was too high. Once failed, the weapon or armor would be lost. A bad item needed not to be upgraded and a good item one could not bear to lose.

The Divine Weapon Stone was of little value but with a high failure rate. There were still some items that could increase the success rate. Once succeeding, it could bring the weapon or armor to another level. That one level was very crucial.

Hence, some people would fight for it. There were many...

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