AST 2343 - Void Wolf Leather, Obtained the Treasure Pagoda

Chapter 2343 - Void Wolf Leather, Obtained the Treasure Pagoda

Qing Shui took out the Constitution Nurturing Pill. He thought it was a relatively great item. He knew that this item was an extremely precious item outside.

Constitution Nurturing and impurities cleansing were the most important in a warrior’s cultivation.

Impurities cleansing could eliminate the body’s toxins and make the body purer. This increased the body’s constitution and talent, making the training faster and strength higher. It could cut off part of the trainer’s hidden illnesses and contaminants. The amount of elimination depended on the extent of impurities cleansing.

Meanwhile, Constitution Nurturing stabilized the foundation and warmed up the meridians. Through nurturing, the Origin Qi became more pristine...

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