AST 2337 – Demon King Domain, Village

Chapter 2337 – Demon King Domain, Village

Demon King Domain!

This was a place where great demons ran unhindered. Of course, not everyone here were demons. In a world like the Middle Three Regions and the Upper Three Regions, nobody cared if you were a demon or a human as long as you were powerful.

There was an endless horizon of barren mountains once Qing Shui entered the Demon King Domain. He used Nine Continents Steps before realizing the vastness of the mountains. After several days, he still didn’t manage to reach the end of it. He didn’t keep count on the number of demonic beasts he killed during this period, with some powerful ones included.

‘What an expansive Demon King Domain.’

Even the entirety of the Lower Three Regions wouldn’t be able to compare, and his Nine...

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