AST 2333 - Neutralizing Poison, Sky Fox Race

Chapter 2333 - Neutralizing Poison, Sky Fox Race

Right now, the woman was feeling very emotional, but her attention was soon attracted by the venom in that bowl in front of her. Other than having a foul stench, it was pitch-black like ink or dripping oil. However, it was thicker and had a sticky consistency.

Qing Shui was very confident in his capabilities. With his medical skills in addition to the Nature Energy, as well as his Force of Rebirth, he had the confidence that he would be able to cure this person.

In the beginning, the woman felt that her face had a very cool sensation, but soon, she felt a hint of heat. She didn't notice it at the start, but as the intensity of the heat became increasingly higher, she started to realize that it wasn't a delusion. It was because she felt as if she was being scorched by fire.

For someone her caliber, an ordinary fire wouldn't be capable of making her feel hot at all. Very soon, it...

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