AST 2330 – Reunion, Return, Conclusion

Chapter 2330 – Reunion, Return, Conclusion

In all honesty, she had been burying her thoughts all this while. In front of this man, she didn’t have any outstanding qualities and so she had never revealed her feelings. Instead, she kept it all in her heart like a wonderful memory.

She didn’t expect Qing Shui would say these words to her, and she froze for a moment, completely surprised by his gesture.

She had felt something different about Qing Shui’s gaze since the first time they had met. Eventually, she had found out that it had been all due to her resemblance to someone he knew. She stretched out her hand and curled it around Qing Shui’s neck, a shy smile on her face.

“I already said this rascal had his sights on the girl. See, it’s all exposed now!” Sou Hun snickered.

“She’s my wife in our previous life. To meet...

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