AST 2325 – Great item, “Divine Battle Puppet”

Chapter 2325 – Great item, “Divine Battle Puppet”

Everyone was seated in the middle of the living room and served with tea. With a glance toward Chi Yang, Qing Shui realized he had no intention of speaking up. Hence, he had no choice but to start. “Since both of you would like to talk, how should we go about with this?”

The man on the left laughed at Qing Shui’s words and said, “You have truly humiliated the Divine Rain Sect.”

“Respect should be earned, not given. I didn’t think much of the Divine Rain Sect before, as we’ve never had any contact. I had the chance to later on, especially with your so-called Elder Ye and grown to realize that I truly detest the Divine Rain Sect,” Qing Shui responded calmly.

“It’s only normal to have vermin among you when the sect has expanded and the numbers increased. Our Divine...

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