AST 2324 – Return of the Divine Rain Sect

Chapter 2324 – Return of the Divine Rain Sect

Qing Shui didn’t take the risk of letting them go and directly annihilated the two Demon King Inheritors.

After looting the place, he left. The place looked untouched as though nothing had happened. But all of a sudden, a great fire had taken over and burned the place clean.

The weather was great with a clear, cloudless sky. There was a hint of freshness in the atmosphere. Qing Shui took in a few satisfied breaths and proceeded back to the Chi Clan with the Massacre Battle God, the Violet Battle God, and the Speed Battle God in tow.

The three of them were stunned when they saw the Mighty Strength Battle God, the Mighty Spear Battle God, the Golden Roc Battle God, and the others. Thereafter, glee filled them as they exchanged greetings. All of them...

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