AST 2323 - To Think That He Is the Massacre Battle God

Chapter 2323 - To Think That He Is the Massacre Battle God

This tall, thin man was too skinny, as if he only had skin and bones. Moreover, he was very pale. Qing Shui smiled when he noticed this. He was almost like the exact same replica of a Battle God in his memories.

He was the Massacre Battle God's Inheritor.

Qing Shui was stunned for a moment. He hadn't expected that the Massacre Battle God would be like this. Most of them tended to have their power sealed, and to become powerful, they must undo the seal. Undoing the seal would strengthen the Massacre Battle God’s abilities by half at least.

The Massacre Battle God! Just from the name alone could one assume that this was a very bloodthirsty Battle God. The Massacre Battle God was the Battle God with the nature closest to a Demon King. The stronger the inheritor, the closer he would resemble a Demon King. In fact, he might potentially become the Massacre Demon Kin...

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