AST 2321 - The Divine Rain Sect Isn't Simple, Rain Sword

Chapter 2321 - The Divine Rain Sect Isn't Simple, Rain Sword

"I'm really curious. Can you tell me if the Divine Rain Sect is filled with people like you?" Qing Shui asked, puzzled.

The old man's eyes were bright and deep. The fierce flames in his eyes which seemed tangible looked very weird, albeit having the feeling of astonishing power coming from them.

"Lad, you talk too much. Do you really think that just because you can wipe out a few forces like the She Clan, you will be able to dominate over the Eight Desolates Region? What a joke. What a joke indeed. But you're still young. If you're ignorant, then so be it. Only this time, your ignorance has left you with no way out." The old man seemed to say this with great sympathy.

"I know this is something you aren't interested to hear, but you're really not my match. It's really easy for me to kill you....

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