AST 2319 - Peaceful and Prosperous Times, Shen Huang

Chapter 2319 - Peaceful and Prosperous Times, Shen Huang

Beihuang Fan was in the prime of her youth, with her beauty and body already matured. Her skin was bouncy and exquisite... smooth and tender... and it exuded a natural fragrance. This was the greatest scent in the world.

Although she was still a virgin, she was older than Qing Shui. Her experience in life, her disposition, and her figure... all of them were extremely beautiful. She had what young inexperienced ladies had, but also had what matured ladies had as well.

Even though Qing Shui was used to seeing beautiful ladies, he could not help but have a strong sense of yearning, especially in this situation where his blood was boiling. He pressed his body down heavily and once again enjoyed the ecstatical kiss that inebriated him.


This time around, the...

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