AST 2317 - Two Ladies, Amorous Feelings

Chapter 2317 - Two Ladies, Amorous Feelings

The Divine Rain Sect left while the people in the Chi Clan were in a state of commotion and panic. After everyone knew that Qing Shui had killed a member of the Divine Rain Sect, they found it hard to believe.

The Divine Rain Sect had always been an invincible existence that shouldn't be offended. There were few people who would comment about the Divine Rain Sect in public, let alone killing one of them.

"I've thought it through. The Divine Rain Sect will definitely not leave this matter be. We can only fight it out," Chi Yang said.

Qing Shui wasn't anxious at all. He smiled, "It's impossible for an existence like the Divine Rain Sect to be filled with people like them. It's probably only the people at the bottom who act so arrogantly. We're just helping them in clearing out the bugs. Don't worry, it'll be fine. Even if someone were to come, they wouldn't...

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