AST 2316 - Domineering Divine Rain Sect, Asking for a Head

Chapter 2316 - Domineering Divine Rain Sect, Asking for a Head

"May I ask what the Chi Clan owes you?" Chi Clan frowned but still asked calmly.

"Master's youngest disciple, our Youngest Martial Brother has been killed by your people. Therefore, we're here to ask for a head," The man on the left said slowly.

"I don't know who your Youngest Martial Brother is. The people we killed were all evil-doers and trash. We didn't kill your Youngest Martial Brother," At this moment, Qing Shui smiled and said.

Seeing that Qing Shui had spoken, Chi Yang didn't continue.

The man on the left frowned but still said, "Wu Xingyun was our Youngest Martial Brother."

"Oh, so it was him. I was wondering who that was. A person of that capability didn't know any better and wanted to kill us. In the end, he got killed by us instead. People like him who come to seek trouble deserves to be killed. If someone were to head to...

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