AST 2313 - The Terrifying Big Toad, The Means to Tackle It

Chapter 2313 - The Terrifying Big Toad, The Means to Tackle It

Dragon-capturing Hands!

When the man in golden armor was caught and noticed that he couldn't move, his countenance changed drastically. And when he saw Qing Shui appear next to him, his facial expression turned even paler.

Berserk Dragon Inch-Force Explosion!

Qing Shui struck out a simple but violent punch onto the throat of the man in golden armor.


Qing Shui's silhouette disappeared from the spot, and he returned to where he had been earlier. It was a long story, but he only took a moment, as he couldn't leave for too long. Otherwise, the place would definitely be in a state of chaos.

The opposing side also had many means. The Chi Clan had already suffered from five casualties, two dead and three injured, where one of them was seriously injured. Fortunately, all three injured parties had already returned to the formation to the Chi Clan...

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