AST 2311 - Lower Three Regions' Dictator, The Divine Rain Sect

Chapter 2311 - Lower Three Regions' Dictator, The Divine Rain Sect

The Chi Clan's manor wasn't very big, but it definitely wasn't small at all. There were five main courtyards, each of them having two rows of courtyards, and each row having over 100 smaller courtyards. The two rows at the back had even more. Taking these into consideration, the Chi Clan's manor was really not small. After all, the manor was like a compound with a few houses, having ponds and pavilions, and the size of each small courtyard was about the size of 1.5 mu.

The only reason that it was considered small was that in comparison to the other clan’s manors; it was indeed more on the smaller side. 

Qing Shui and the two ladies were given a courtyard at the back. In a rich clan's manor, the deeper the location was, the higher the person's status was. The ones staying at the furthest back tended to be the clan's Old Ancestor since it was quiet.

The others were assigned places to stay as well. Not everyone got assigned...

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