AST 2308 - Subdue and Kill, Suppress, She Dao's Means

Chapter 2308 - Subdue and Kill, Suppress, She Dao's Means

This was what Chi Yang wanted to say and was also the results that he wanted. He had been through a lot of pain until the extent that he could have been better off dead. He was forced to give away his son and daughter, and the chances of his father and other seniors in the family surviving were very low. This was considered a broken family. Was there anything that was worse off than this?

His words were very heavy, and even the She Clan and the other clans felt that it was very heavy. Right now, they didn't feel reassured and fearless, because they felt that how things would turn out might really be an unknown. They had a faint feeling that they might have to pay some kind of price before they would be able to wipe out these people from the Chi Clan.

"Old Snake Freak, I'm going to start the kill with you today!" Chi Yang looked at the She Clan's head...

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