AST 2303 - Golden Shield Talisman, The Mysterious Young Miss Bu

Chapter 2303 - Golden Shield Talisman, The Mysterious Young Miss Bu

Qing Shui directly called out the Golden Primordial Bear. Even if he had confidence, he wouldn't let his guard down and would still go all-out even if he was fighting against someone weaker. Moreover, the Reverend Human Buddha, whom he was up against, was in no way weak. If he were to have some killer moves hidden up his sleeves and managed to turn the tables around, then Qing Shui could only die in regret.

Qing Shui needed to be decisive. Since he had already thought it through that he was going to get rid of the opponent, he had to get to action. If he could kill with a single move, then he really shouldn't use two moves. That meant If he were to drag things out, the situation could possibly change.


The Golden Primordial Bear pounced out fiercely toward the Reverend Human Buddha. Although those demonic beasts in the Reverend Human Buddha’s cave were powerful, they were a lot weaker as compared...

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