AST 2302 - The Human Buddha’s Nine Caves

Chapter 2302 - The Human Buddha’s Nine Caves

Qing Shui’s Bright Buddha Seal stunned She Chou who was already bogged down by his other abilities.

Currently, the Chi Yang couple’s power, with Qing Shui’s help, had become relatively terrifying. Two shattering sounds rang as She Chou exploded.

She Chou died right as the battle started!


Upon seeing She Chou’s death, endless roaring rang out beside the Reverend Human Buddha. Many people summoned their beasts, and a gigantic red wolf appeared next to the Human Buddha. The Chi Yang couple and the others also summoned their own beasts.

In an instant, the place was filled with gigantic beasts. Qing Shui also summoned his own beasts but lost them amongst the sea of beasts

The Human Buddha was also surprised as he felt that this young man was truly strange....

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