AST 2298 - Getting Stronger, Waiting for Battle

Chapter 2298 - Getting Stronger, Waiting for Battle

After Qing Shui said his piece and was about to leave, Beihuang Fan opened the door, reached out her hand and pulled Qing Shui in. She then closed the door, blushing like a tomato. "Can you not shout here? Sister is right next door and can hear you very clearly. Even if you aren't embarrassed, I am..."

Beihuang Fan tugged at Qing Shui's collar with her face flushed red.

Qing Shui was stunned. To think that this great beauty had this cute side to her. Right now, she appeared to be very shy, her beautiful eyes glistening with a hint of mist in them. Her gaze seemed to be deep, bottomless, and extremely beautiful. The mystical feeling could be felt exuding from those very eyes.

Qing Shui smiled, held her by the waist, and said softly next to her ears, "I want to hear you say 'I want it!'"

Beihuang Fan shivered. Although she had yet to become husband and wife with Qing Shui, she knew that...

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